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Works of art / Volume 20



Volume 20




Dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils in a much more refined manner

Aubrey Hammond (U.K., 1894-1940) (drawing)

Print, 1926, 7 x 6 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Illustration for the diary "Day after day" by D. B. Wyndham Lewis.



...A creed which portrays Heaven... dancing girls

W. L. Wightman (drawing)

Print, monochrome 1928. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Illustration for the article "The sanctity of the name Allah" published in The Graphic, 119. London, 17/03/1928, p. 438.



Eastern dance, by Miss Kate Vaughan

Print, 1889, 13.9 x 8.3 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Kate Vaughan was the stage name of Catherine Alice Candelin or Candelon (U.K., 1852-1903), a dancer and actress. Performance of "Ivanhoe" by the Gurads Burlesque Company at the Chelsea barracks.



 In the "Mammoth Fun City" at Olympia: some of the turns. Moors wildly dance to pipe and drum

William Henry Pike or Oliver Paque (U.K., 1846-1908) (drawing)

Print, 1908, 7.3 x 14.6 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



The marvellous closing scene at Drury Lane

Howard Elcock (drawing)

Print, 1922, 29.7 x 21.5 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. "This picture represents the wondrful staircase of Damascus in which the climax of "Decameron Nights" is played in the picturesque setting by Mr. Joseph Harker".



The "Orient" at Olympia: the dance of Amazons and snake worshippers

Herbert Johnson (drawing)

Print, 1895, 22 x 30.3 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. The Graphic, 051. London, 02/03/1895, p. 245.



 Haymarket Theatre - Scene from Mr. Buckstone's voyage round the globe (in Leicester Square)

Print, 1854, 13.7 x 24 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.        Grand Oriental spectacle, with dance of the bayaderes. Miss Lydia Thompson and Miss L. Morris, published in The Illustrated London News, 024. London, 29/04/1854, p. 393.



 From Charing Cross to Candahar - A waltz on the Red Sea

Print, 1881, 15.7 x 23.8 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Fanny the belly dancer

Alexander Calder (U.S.A., 1898-1976)

Sculpture, iron wire and fabrics, 1929 approx. Part of "The circus".




Robert Henri (U.S.A., 1865-1929)

Painting, 1909.



 Buffalo Ranch Real Wild West. The real Indian war dance

Print, lithograph, color, poster, 1925 approx. BuffaloBill, U.S.A.



A Circassian girl

Print, wood, 1893, 9.9 x 7 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Eastern scenes, given at Kensington Townhall on 31/01/1893. Tableaux under the direction of the Rev. W. B. Banting, who has travelled in Egypt and Syria, and collected the costumes and objects that were exhibited on the platform.




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