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Works of art / Volume 18



Volume 18




Arab dance - very entertaining. Greetings from Constantinople (Danse arabe - bien amusante). Salut de Constantinople)

Esperon (painting)

Print, lithograph, postcard, 1900 approx., 9 x 14 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.




Tavern in Constantinople

Print, color, 1780 approx.



Aydin in the Mountains - Efe - try playing the female (Aydin daglarmda - Efe - kadm oynat tryor)

Drawing, caricature, 197 approx.



 Dancing boys (Köçek)

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1755 approx. From Surname-i Vehbi.



Recounting a tale in a harem (Un récit dans l'intérieur d'un harem

Mettais (drawing); Bida (drawing)

Print, 1870 approx., 20 x 15.5 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Oriental fantasy - A nude Turkish dancer (Fantasia orientale - Una danzatrice turca nuda)

Mauro Luigi Galli

Painting, oil on panel, wood, 1880 approx., 45 x 35.5 cm


Two Köçek dancers, rope dacer and hobby-horse at a public festival

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1750 approx. Istanbul, Topkapi Palace Museum A.3594.




Professional male or female dancers "çengi" holding scarves

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1550 approx.



Two odalisks dancing in a harem

William Hogarth (U.K., 1697-1764)

Print, 1723.



Four buffoon dancers entertaining a dignitary

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1550 approx. Turkey.




Professional male or female dancers "çengi" twirling majolica plates on their fingers

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1550 approx.




Jewish bride dancing in Ismir

Print, lithograph, colored, 1850 approx. Turkey.



Dance in the harem (Danse au harem)

Jean-Baptiste A.-H. Hilaire or Hilair (France, 1753-1822)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1810 approx., 53 x 45 cm. Turkey.




The Turkish Saraband dance. No. 11

Print, steel engraving, 1853, 17.5 x 13.5 cm




Turkish slave dancing in the presence of her master (Une schiava turca che danza alla presenza del suo padrone - Esclave turque qui danse devant son maître)

Franciscus Smith (drawing); Theodore Viero (engraving)

 Print, 1800, approx.



A Turkish dancing girl

Frédéric Borgella (France, 1833-1901)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1880 approx., 55.3 x 46.3 cm




Ladies' favorite (Le favori de ces dames)

Print, 1890 approx. Turkey.




A Mahomedan public dancer (Mahometane danseuse publique)

Print, 1870 approx. Turkey.




Female dancer (Ηengi)

Jean-Baptiste van Mour (France, 1671-1737)

Print, 1720. Turkey.



Turkish feast (Fête turque)

Jean-Baptiste van Mour (France, 1671-1737) (drawing)

Print, engraving (eau forte et burrin), 1782, 15.5 x 22.5 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. See also the original drawing for this print.





Turkish boy dancer with copper cymbals (Cengi turque avec des cymbalettes de cuivre)

Octavien Dalvimart

Print, colored, 1802.




Turkish boy dancers entertaining the harem (Cengis turques divertissant le harem)

Painting, oil, 1850, approx. Private collection.




Dancing boys (Köçek)

Painting, 1880 approx. Turkey.



Turkish court dancer (Bayadère turque)

Prince Grigoriy Grigoriyevich Gagarin (Russia, 1810-1893)

Watercolor, 1850 approx.



Turkish dancer (Danseuse turque)

Jean van de Kerkhove (Belgium, 1822-1881)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1871, 88 x 70 cm



Turkish dancers (Ballerini Turchi)

Cesare dall' Acqua (engraving); Lazaretti (coloring)

Print, lithograph, colored, 1816, 6.5 x 10.5 cm



The Turkish bath (Le bain turc)

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (France, 1780-1867)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1863, 108 cm diam.


 Woman of the seraglio dancing (Femme du serail qui danse)

Seeman Manzoni (attributed to)

Watercolour, 1797 approx., 29 x 22.5 cm. Turkey.




Turkish musician dancing

Drawing, color, 1625 approx.



Round dance by women in front of a Turkish dignitary

I. Picart (engraving)

Print, engraving, 1626. Illustration on book cover: Baudier, Michel: Histoire générale du Serail, et de la cour du Grand Seigneur empereur des Turcs. Paris, Claude Cramoisy, 1626.



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