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Works of art / Volume 11

Volume 11



Salome, a lyrical pantomime by Mr. Armand Silvestre and Mr. Meltzer, music by Mr. Pierné, presented at the Comédie Parisienne (Salomé, pantomime lyrique de MM. Armand Silvestre et Meltzer, musique de M. Pierné, représentée à la Comédie Parisienne

Parys (drawing)

Print, 1895, 21.9 x 30.8 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Samson and Delilah, an opera by Mr. Saint-Saens, presented at the Academy of Music. 1st act: Dance of the priestesses of Dagon (Samson et Dalila, opéra de M. Saint-Saens, représenté à l'Académie de Musique. 1er acte: Danse des prêtresses de Dagon)

Parys (drawing)

Print, wood, 1892, 30.7 x 22 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Distribution: Ms Deschamps (Delilah), Mr Chambon (an old man), Mr Vergnet (Samson).

"I recognize her…" ("Je la reconnais…")

Emmanuel Barcet (France, 1870-1940)

Caricature, cartoon, 1900 approx. - I recognize her, she was dancing at the 1889 (Paris) Exhibition! - You recognize her from the belly!



Casino de Paris, Indian salon. Oriental dances by the Morgiane Troupe (Casino de Paris, salon indien. Danses orientales par la Troupe Morgiane)


Drawing, sketch, advertisement, 1901.



The Opera. The two pigeons, a ballet by Mr André Messager. The return, scene of the 3rd act (Opéra. Les deux pigeons, ballet de M. André Messager. Le retour, scène du 3e acte)

Adrien Marie (drawing)

Print, 1886, 31.5 x 18.6 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection. Distribution: Gourouli (Miss Rosita Mauri), Pepio (Miss Sanlaville), Mikalia (Miss Montaubry).




Jacques Carlu

Painting, poster, 1926. France, Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Opéra. Project for a poster for the opera by Richard Strauss, in the Paris Opera with Geneviève Dix on 17/05/1926.



The beautiful Persian lady, at the Renaissance Theater: Namouna (Miss Jeanne Hading) before the Prince (Miss Gélabert (La jolie persane, au Théâtre de la Renaissance - Namouna (Mlle Jeanne Hading) devant le Prince (Mlle Gélabert)

Adrien Marie (drawing)

Print, wood¸1879¸31.2 x 21.6 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Michel Strogoff - The emir's camp and the Tartar feast - 9th scene. Décors by Mr. Chéret - The amazones greet the emir (Michel Strogoff - Le camp de l'émir et la fête tartare - 9e tableau. Décors de M. Chéret - Le salut des amazones à l'émir)

Adrien Marie (drawing); Thomas (sketch)

Print, wood, 1880, 21.5 x 30.3 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Escaped to the sun (Echappée au soleil)

Demêtre Chiparus (Romania, 1888-1950)

Statuette, bronze and ivory, 1930 approx.



Oriental dancer (Danseuse orientale)

Demêtre Chiparus (Romania, 1888-1950)

Statuette, bronze gilt, silver coated and enameled, 1915 approx., 80.5 cm total height.



Costume design for the play Salome: Black servant

Leon Bakst (Russia, 1866-1924)

Drawing, charcoal and bodycolor, heightened with gold, on oatmeal paper, 1920 approx., 67 x 44 cm.



Vaslav Nijinsky in the ballet Schéhérazade at the Théâtre du Châtelet

Georges Lepape (France, 1887-1971)

Gouache, 1910, 30.5 x 24 cm. New York, private collection.



Tahitian dancers entertaining the queen (Danseuses tahitiennes récréant la reine)

Print, engraving, taille-douce, 1770 approx.



A Tunisian dancing girl

Eugène Pavy (France)

Painting, oil on panel, 1885, 36 x 18.5 cm



Midday in Paris, 1:47 hours evening in Constantinople (Midi à Paris, 1h 47 soir à Constantinople)

Print, chromolithograph, 1900 approx., 11.1 x 7.1 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Olympia. Grand ballet "Brighton". Music by Léopold Wenzel (Olympia. Grand ballet "Brighton". Musique de Léopold Wenzel)

Jean Paléologue or PAL (Romania, 1860-1942)

Print, lithograph, color, poster, 1900 approx.



Morning stroll of the Princess (Der Fürstin Morgenpromenade)

Carl Böker (painting); Kühnlein, C. (engraving)

Print, 1887, 23 x 34.6 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



In the harem - 1 (Dans le harem - 1)

Daniel Israel (Austria, 1859-1901)

Painting, oil on panel, 1890 approx., 31.9 x 25.4 cm



In the harem - 2 (Dans le harem - 2)

Daniel Israel (Austria, 1859-1901)

Painting, oil on panel, 1890 approx., 31.9 x 25.4 cm     U.K.



The oriental dancer

Carl Goebel(Austria, 1824-1899)

Watercolor, 1875 approx., 68 x 88 cm



Wieland's Oberon. Büon calls to the dance (Wieland's Oberon. Büon ruft zum Tanze)

Hermann Eichler (Germany, 1842-1901) (painting)

Print, wood, 1871, 21.8 x 29.5 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



In the seraglio

G. Schauer (photograph); G. Hever & Kirms (engraving)

Print, wood, 1893, 31.5 x 21.9 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



The veils' dance of the odalisque (Der Schleiertanz der Odaliske)

W. Gause (drawing)

Print, wood, 1901, 13 x 10.5 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.



Arab dance (Arabischer Tanz)

Theodor van der Beek (Germany, 1838-1921)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1894 approx., 111 x 136 cm



The sabre dance (La danse du sabre)

S. T. Marianz

Watercolor over traces of pencil, 1900, 53 x 36 cm



Salome. Drama after the poem by Oscar Wilde with the same title (Salome. Drama nach Oscar Wilde's gleichnamiger Dichtung)

Print, lithograph, color, cover, 1900 approx. Berlin, Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte.



In the Caravansarai

Heinrich August Georg Schiøtt (Denmark, 1823-1895)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1876, 86.4 x 124.5 cm. Signed and dated 1876. Auctionned at Christie's London, 17/03/1989, lot 21B.



The young entertainers

Daniel Israel (Austria, 1859-1901)

Painting, oil on panel, 1895 approx., 21.5 x 30 cm. Auctionned at Sotheby's London, 28/11/1984, lot 220.



The Gypsy dancer

Richard Geiger (Hungary, 1870-1945)

Painting, oil on canvas, 1890 approx., 78.8 x 58.4 cm. Auctionned at Christie's South Kensington, 26/11/1992, lot 123.



Belly dance

Ferdinand Freiherr von Řezníček (Austria, 1868-1909)

Print, lithograph, colour, 1906, 38 x 27 cm. Athens, Alkis Raftis Collection.




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